Customize dimensions, make shorter interventions and the new Portal for Partners

Dimension configuration in Team Insights

Today we have enabled some highly requested features to our customers, which will be further explained below.


Customize dimensions

Dimensions are the broad categories by which we rank questions that are asked to employees. We have received numerous requests from customers who want to be able to choose which dimensions they want to be active. Starting today, this is now possible.

To choose which dimensions you want to activate, you just have to go to the configuration menu and click on dimension configuration.

Dimension configuration in Team Insights

In this option, you will find the list of the different dimensions, with a brief description of each one. Among those available, (strategy, mission and vision / resources / training / culture / leadership / work environment / communication / compensation and benefits), you will be able to choose which dimensions you want to activate.

Key dimensions configuration in Team Insights

If you are interested in learning more about the different dimensions, we have created a new category in our blog where we will explain more information about it: Analysis dimensions.

On the same screen, there is the possibility to choose Key Dimensions and Special Dimensions, which will be explained below.


Brief Interventions

Team Insights presents a set of metrics that allow you to know how your team is doing. The metrics available so far are designed to observe its evolution over time and deliver insights when the values are heading towards an undesirable trend, in order to design action plans to improve your business. We call these metrics “Key Dimensions”.

However, several of our customers have asked us to have the possibility of making shorter interventions on specific issues, such as, for example, wanting to have a broader insight on how the company is in terms of remote work and if the actions they are implementing are helping to improve their practices. This is why Team Insights has enabled the option of “Special Dimensions”, which are focused in brief interventions.
Following several requests received from clients, the “Key Dimensions” can be paused or stopped, being able to only ask questions regarding “Special Dimensions”.

The “Special Dimensions”, as mentioned before, are designed for specific interventions, which means that they are sent on a weekly basis, deferring from the delivery schedule of “Key Dimensions”, which area designed for continuous performance and monitoring prolonged over time.
To be able to choose which dimensions you to activate, you just have to go to the configuration menu and click on dimensions configuration (see image above).

In this option, you will find the list of key dimensions that you can activate (strategy, mission and vision / resources / training / culture / leadership / work environment / communication / compensation and benefits), as well as the special dimensions, which you can activate 1 or more at the same time.

For the time being, we have enabled two special dimensions: remote work and managing the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis, a relevant issue during these times. We will be including more dimensions upon the request of our clients.

Special fimensions selection in Team Insights

Once activated and as we collect feedback, you will be able to check the results in the detail menu of the dimensions:

Special dimensions results menu in Team Insights

Similar to the “Key Dimensions”, the set of questions end with an open-ended question, which can be reviewed in the “Feedback” section, allowing you to obtain a deeper understanding of the opinions expressed by your employees.

If you have doubts about these special dimensions, you can learn more about them in the following helpful articles:

We have also made a special article regarding the COVID-19 crisis: How can we help companies during the COVID-19 crisis?.


New Portal for Partners

As Team Insight grows, so does our network of HR consulting companies, which have taken interest in our solution, as it is an interesting tool to offer to their clients and provide enhanced value-added solutions.

In order to simplify the management of these companies with their respective clients, we’ve created a Portal for Partners, which is now available.

If you are a company which is interested in providing services with Team Insights, don’t hesitate and contact us! We’ll explain our Partner Program.


Other minor changes

With each release and product features, we take the opportunity to continue improving our solution and solving bug fixes. In this new version, we have improved the display of questions on mobile devices.


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