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0 Monthly
  • Unlimited non-anonymous surveys
  • Analysis by age, seniority and manager
  • NPS, open questions, numerical scale, multiple choice answers
  • Sentiment analysis, NPS charts, Standard deviation, results analysis with AI


150 Monthly
  • Everything included in the Free Plan
  • Unlimited anonymous surveys
  • Customize the survey with your logo
  • Export your results to Excel


550 Monthly
  • Everything included in the Basic Plan
  • Analyze with custom fields
  • Analyze with heat maps
  • Analyze with dynamic tables

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Frequently Asked Questions about Engagement Platforms

An Employee Engagement Software provides a powerful platform for HR professionals and team leaders to gather and analyze employee satisfaction metrics, identify new opportunities for improvement, evaluate the effectiveness of people strategies, and much more. It is a critical component in the HR toolkit.

Employee engagement is essentially a measure of an individual’s state of mind in their work environment: it captures how they perceive, react to, and contribute to their employer’s goals. 

It is a comprehensive metric that evaluates an employee’s feelings toward their company and their job role. This measurement incorporates elements such as satisfaction, happiness or involvement. When employees are highly engaged and aligned with their skills and roles, they are able to achieve and exceed both their personal and organizational goals.

An Employee Engagement Software plays a significant role in increasing revenue, improving quality, increasing productivity, and customer satisfaction. Considering that only 30% of employees are supposedly engaged at work, there is an urgent need to measure and raise engagement levels. This is where our solution, Team Insights, comes into play. 

We simplify the process of identifying factors that can improve employee engagement, and provide these insights in real time.

To strengthen employee engagement, foster a thriving organizational culture, and cultivate high-performing teams, utilizing employee engagement software is crucial.

This type of software provides HR professionals and team leaders with the tools to measure the pulse of employee sentiment in real time.

Choosing an optimal Employee Engagement Platform for your organization requires extensive research and testing.

At Team Insights you have a free plan to determine if the software aligns with your requirements.

The three critical factors to consider when looking for the best Engagement Platform are ease of use, ease of startup, and focus on results.

Definitely. Communication and feedback are important for every organization, regardless of its size or extent. Whether you have 10, 100, or 1,000 employees, Team Insights has the right features and can adapt to your organization’s needs.

ERPs are designed to meet different needs. Team Insights is specialized software that will offer you many more possibilities than any engagement module in any general ERP.

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