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How Team Insights works

Get started in 3 easy steps

1. Upload employee data

Add your employees to the database. Do it individually or through massive import with an Excel or CSV file.

2. Create a survey

Start your survey from scratch or customize one of our templates written by HR experts.

3. Analyze the results

Use our full toolset to analyze your results, such as global averages, data dispersion, sentiment analysis, AI generated summary…

Team Insights top features

AI Analysis

Our AI analyzes all the results and summarizes the most relevant information for you.

Anonymous Feedback

Collect and measure honest anonymous feedback.

Custom employee survey

Launch a custom employee survey at any time to better understand specific topics.


Collect eNPS for every employee from day 1 with eNPS questions added to your survey.

Export data

Collected responses can be exported in Excel for advanced data analytics.

GDPR Compliance

Enjoy an online survey tool which complies with GDPR law.

Full access. No credit card required.

Engagement Platform FAQs

Employee Engagement Software provides a powerful platform for HR professionals and team leaders to collect and analyze employee engagement metrics, identify new opportunities for improvement, assess the effectiveness of managerial strategies, and much more. It is a critical component in the HR toolkit.

Employee engagement is essentially a gauge of an individual’s mindset in their work environment – it captures how they perceive, react, and contribute to their employer’s objectives. It’s a comprehensive metric that evaluates an employee’s sentiments towards their company and job role. This measurement incorporates elements like satisfaction, happiness, and dedication to their employer’s success. When employees are highly engaged and aligned with their skills and roles, it results in the achievement and surpassing of both personal and organizational goals.

Employee Engagement Software plays a significant role in boosting revenue, enhancing quality, improving productivity, and increasing customer satisfaction. Considering only 30% of employees are reportedly engaged at work, there’s a pressing need to measure and elevate engagement levels. This is where our solution, Team Insights, steps in. We simplify the process of identifying the factors that can enhance employee engagement, and we provide these insights in real time.

To bolster employee engagement, foster a thriving company culture, and cultivate high-performing teams, the utilization of employee engagement software is crucial.

This type of software give HR professionals and team leaders with the tools to measure the pulse of employee sentiment in real time.

Choosing the optimal Employee Engagement Platform for your organization requieres thorough research and testing.

In Team Insights you have a free plan to determine if the software aligns with your requirements.

Three critical factors to consider when seeking the best Engagement Platform are user-friendliness, ease of onboarding, and focus on results.

Definitely. Communication and feedback are important to every organization, whatever its size or spread. Be it 10, or 100, or 1000 employees, Team Insights has the right features, and can scale to your organization’s needs.

ERPs are designed to cover different needs. Team Insights is an specialized software that will offer you many more possibilities than any engagement module of any general ERP.

Make decisions with information, not intuition

Ensure you drive your decisions to the right direction.

Align your budget and actions to the real needs of your team.

Talk to people with true and honest feedback in your hands.