The best job satisfaction software in 2021 (and 2022)

Team Insights

Digitalapplications are the best allied to the Human Resources department. They automate processes that do not add value and allow those responsible of managing talent take real action. A job satisfaction software helps companies to access and collect large amounts of useful information about their employees, culture, work environment, motivation and commitment, factors that undoubtedly have impact in workforce’s engagement.  

Why is this important? 

Numerous studies, carried out by firms such as Gallup , Deloitte, PwC or Harvard Business Review, have made it clear for some time that a company and its business will be only as good as its team is. 

And for a team to be highly efficient, they need to be comfortable and satisfied with their position, job, and organization. Knowing this, HR departments take great efforts to analyze the work environment in search of all those factors that impact the well-being of employees. 

What gets measured gets improved. 

This is how the most effective strategies are created, those that really enhance the positive aspects of the organization making productivity rise and minimizing (or eliminating) all the harmful aspects that impair workforce performance. 

An engaged workforce: 

  • Align their personal goals with those of the company. 
  • Show increased commitment and loyalty. 
  • They understand the culture and values ​​of the company and integrates them as their own. 
  • Their motivation levels are higher and stable. 
  • Produce more and better. 
  • Improve the employer branding. 
  • Attract the best qualified talent. 

On the other hand, companies that do not measure and satisfy the needs of their workforce have more probabilities of finding a demotivated and dissatisfied team. The result: an increase in the turnover rate, absenteeism and increase the overall number of work accidents. All this affecting productivity and, therefore, the profitability of the business. 

To evaluate satisfaction, having  employee feedback  is essential and, in fact, honest, transparent, and sincere feedback is the only valid and effective way to obtain TOP quality information. At the same time, large amounts of information are needed to draw significative conclusions. 

It is meticulous and delicate work that, without the proper knowledge or tools, can frustrate and throw away all efforts to achieve a highly capable team. 

However, with an  adequate resource such as job satisfaction software, this analysis process becomes quick and easy, making Human Resources professionals only have to worry about one thing: make decisions, apply them, and observe the results.  

This is precisely what you get with Team Insights, a satisfaction software for employees that automates the sending of  labor surveys, collects the information, analyzes it through its People Analytics system and returns it to you in user-friendly graphics and insights that are easy to understand. The best decisions are not made through intuition, but with real and meaningful information. And this is what Team Insights brings to you. 

What is it like to measure job satisfaction with Team Insights? 

Team Insights is an employee survey software to measure employee satisfaction, motivation, and engagement. It is a simple program, but very powerful. You don’t need a complex program to get great results. 

In addition, it is a SaaS, a software as a service. To use it, you just need to enter the Team Insights’ website, sign in up and you will have everything ready to start evaluating. It does not require any prior installation and for maintenance and updates: we take care of it. 

About the features: 

1.   Administrator’s dashboard

A space where the main metrics are visible so immediately you can access all the essential information: 

  • Survey participation rate. 
  • Latest feedbacks received. 
  • Results of active surveys. 
  • The strengths (and weakness) of your organization. 

All this information can be adjusted according to the needs of each moment, because Team Insights has different types of filters. 

In addition, the space is adapted to the brand. You will be able to use your logos and your colors, maintaining your look & feel. 

2.   All surveys in one place 

Team Insights has its own survey model to evaluate engagement so anyone, without the need for prior psychometric knowledge, can obtain valid and effective information about the employees’ job satisfaction. 

But this software is not only limited to that. Actually, it contains a survey creator, with which you can measure exactly what you need. Thanks to the survey creator integrated in Team Insights, you will be able to evaluate relevant aspects of the organization through other questionnaires: 

  • Work environment survey. 
  • Commitment survey. 
  • Surveys for the eNPS. 
  • Motivation survey. 
  • On-boarding survey. 
  • Survey for special events. 

The possibilities are endless. Only you set the limit. 

3.   Responsive and adaptive design 

Team Insights Snartphone

Access, manage and send surveys to your employees from anywhere, because Team Insights can be carried in your pocket. 

Without the need to install any application, our responsive and adaptive design allows you to see all the data you need from any device. Why would you need to view the data outside of the office? We don’t know, but just in case. 

4.   Direct communication with your employees 

Our surveys are very well designed, and yours will surely be too. Even so, it is possible that employees want to discuss aspects that the surveys do not cover, or have a suggestion, comment, or complaint. 

In Team Insights there is a space dedicated exclusively for employees to give their feedback, anonymously or not. 

These comments are extremely valuable information. Thanks to employee feedback: 

  • You obtain great initiatives. 
  • You are informed of important events. 
  • You discover warning signs that go unnoticed. 

 5. Measure exactly what you want to measure 

Satisfaction, commitment, or motivation are very broad concepts that cover a multitude of components with their respective metrics. What if you just wanted to evaluate those specific metrics? With Team Insights, you can. 

Team Insights has its own measurement model, that is, the software comes with pre-designed surveys, so you don’t have to think about what to ask. They have been developed from a rigorous review of the main market studies and scientific literature. 

The information collected has helped us to compile the most common dimensions that critically impact employee motivation and satisfaction, creating a set of 8 key dimensions. 

Of course, all surveys are customizable, so they will fit perfectly with your organization.

6. Employees also have their own space

Not only does the administrator have their own Dashboard, but each employee also has their own space too. In it, they will be able to see all the surveys that they have pending to complete and send messages to contact the administrator or their manager. 

And speaking of managers… Sometimes the software’s administrator and the team manager are the same person, but sometimes not. In Team Insights you can configure who sees the data and how they see it. If there are several middle managers in your company, you can make everyone have access to the information they need. Nothing better than teamwork! 

What do you get by using Team Insights? 

Technically, what you get is accurate information about your team through reliable real-time metrics and their evolution over time. 

But that is not our goal. Our goal is that when you use Team Insights you can: 

  • Get to know your team thoroughly. 
  • Boost workforce’s motivation, commitment, and satisfaction. 
  • Anticipate emergency situations and be proactive. 
  • Make the best decisions for your team and your organization. 
  • Stay safe knowing that your decisions are low risk (because they are based on REAL information). 

Team Insights is your solution to get happy employees and create high performance, effective, motivated, committed, and productive teams. 

People Analytics Graphics

We know that people are the cornerstone of a company’s profitability. And you know it too, that’s why you want the best for them. With Team Insights you will be able to achieve that goal. Ask for a demo!

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