With Team Insights you are 100% anonymous… if you want to be it

Team Insights Anonimous Data

When developing Team Insights, one of the main priorities we have pursued has been to ensure that any participant and anyone who responds to one of our surveys, can give their opinion and comment in an anonymous way on what they consider relevant, guaranteeing that their opinions will not be able to be tracked in any way.

Why is anonymity so important for Team Insights?

As anonymity is important to all of our clients, it is very important for Team Insights. Team Insights is a tool that aims to help organizations build better workspaces, and the best way to do this is by listening to those who know how the organization works: every employee, collaborator, manager…

Giving feedback is not easy task, especially when you have to highlight what is not working or what needs to be improved.

The only way to get real, transparent and honest feedback is by ensuring that anyone who gives their opinion through Team Insights can do so from the freedom and possibility of anonymity.

How does Team Insights guarantee anonymity?

There are several actions that help us keep Team Insights data anonymous.

  1. All data is on our servers. Team Insights is a SaaS, a software in the cloud, and this means that we do not install anything on our clients’ servers. Our clients do not have direct access or ability to exploit any of the data we store in our systems.
  2. Minimum 3-5 answers. The visibility of results is not given unless Team Insights has at least 3-5 responses from the participants in each dimension.
  3. Groups and segments also have a minimum of 3-5 people. Clients can create groups and filter by segments so they can analyze the results from different perspectives. No matter what filters are made, as in the previous point, the visibility of data is limited by having at least 3-5 responses from the participants.

How does non-anonymity work in Team Insights?

As we said, our highest priority is the safety and anonymity of all employees when responding to surveys. While this is true, there is also the possibility of not being anonymous. There are two situations in which this is possible.

Open-ended quesions

Open-ended questions are those questions in which, apart from evaluating a question, you can add text comments and a brief answer. In this section we enable the possibility of giving transparency to who are responding.

This option only affects this particular question and never any of the previous answers. By default, if not stated otherwise, the response is anonymous.

The organization wants transparency on the information

Team Insights allows organizations to decide whether the surveys they want to send will be anonymous or not.

This can affect a single question, or the entire battery. In any of the cases, the employee who is going to answer will be able to read a notice in those questions that are 100% anonymous, and it will be his decision if he wants to complete the survey.

How I know that my answers are anonymous?

When you answer a totally anonymous question or survey, you can see next to a padlock icon the message “Your answer is anonymous”.


Why do I receive an email saying “I haven’t given my opinion in a long time”?

It may be that you’ve received or will receive in the near future an email from the administrator of the tool asking for your participation. Team Insights notifies the administrator of those employees who have not participated in any survey for more than 90 days. The goal is to facilitate these reminders and motivate participation.

These emails are generated directly from Team Insights and, even if you see the name of the administrator in these emails, they do not come from their email and they are not provided with any additional individual information.


We hope this article helps clarify any questions or doubts about the management of anonymous results in Team Insights.
If you are curious to know more about Team Insights or you are concerned about how our tool works, feel free to contact us.
You can also connect with your administrator at any time to ask about Team Insights.


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