Employer Branding: a powerful tool to transform your talent attraction strategy

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Not too many years ago, the fight for talent was not as exacerbated as it is today. The time when a person entered a company and stayed for life is gone. Currently, the average time an employee is in an organization is 2.02 years, this being the best-case scenario. What happened? Why is it so hard for organizations to retain talent? The answer is quite simple: the new generations not only want an attractive payroll, but they also look for an organization with good working conditions, committed to the professional growth and that takes care of the well-being of its employees. This is where Employer Branding is useful. Those who use this strategy, halfway between HR management and Digital Marketing, want to make it known to the world that, indeed, their company is THE one that candidates are looking for.

What is Employer Branding? 

Employer Branding is a concept that describes the popularity and reputation of a company from the perspective of a potential employee, and the value it has for their teams.

With increasingly specialized positions, finding the best talent and retaining has become a challenge for many companies. For candidates, it is very easy to access all kinds of information about an organization, its culture and how it treats their employees. They only need a mobile phone and access to any corporate website or social network. Consequently, individuals are becoming increasingly selective when deciding where they want to work.

According to the Infojobs-ESADE Annual Report on the “State of the Labor Market in Spain”, 81% of Spaniards say that they find out information about the reputation of a company before signing up for an offer or attending a job interview. Platforms such as Glassdoor or Indeed offer a large number of company evaluations, which provide valuable information to candidates before deciding to send their resume.

Organizations have no longer the full control of the situation. And, at this point, companies that want to compete for the attraction of talent that will help them ensure productivity and business success, have no other choice but to work on employer branding strategies that reinforce the positive image of the company, making them irresistible both for future employees as well as those already on board.

On the other hand, do not confuse Employer Branding with Employee Branding. While the first one is intended to attract and retain talent through the brand image projected abroad, Employee Branding is more focused on improving the employee experience to turn them into brand ambassadors.

Advantages of Employer Branding 

A good employer branding strategy ensures that future candidates and potential employees see an organization as their top choice when looking for a job. To do this, companies use a set of measures and practices to create and project a model image that attracts candidates aligned with their objectives.

Some of the benefits of applying employer branding include:

  • Helps attract and retain the best candidates in the market, boosting business productivity.
  • It serves to create your own identity and storytelling that allows you to differentiate yourself from the competitors.
  • Help HR professionals improve their database of potential candidates.
  • It has a positive impact on how customers and stakeholders perceive the brand.

The 5 key pillars of Employer Branding 

There are many ingredients that are needed to build a strong and trusted employer brand. However, one thing is clear: without the commitment and participation of employees, spreading a positive image would be much more difficult, ifnot impossible. 

Therefore, the activities to manage an effective employer branding should be focused on promoting the workforce within the entire business ecosystem, considering 5 key pillars that we explain below: 


Many companies, in their eagerness to get closer to a certain professional profile, transmit across the Internet an image that does not really correspond to what actually the organization is. This is dangerous because it generates a false expectation in the candidates that will later turn into disappointment, negatively affecting the brand image. 

Employer branding consists of being faithful to the company’s own values ​​and being honest and transparent with the organizational culture and the treatment of employees. 

Work Well-Being 

An Employer Branding strategy that focuses its value proposition on taking care of employees, ensuring their well-being, satisfaction and motivation is an excellent claim for the most demanding candidates. 

At the end of the day, the most valuable resource that any organization has are the people who make it up, and talent will not hesitate to go to those companies that puts their workforce in the center of all their efforts. 


The employer branding strategy is not just a matter for the HR department. The entire organization must be involved and no one better than the employees themselves to explain all the benefits of working in your company. 

Use Employee Branding to turn your employees into brand ambassadors, encouraging their participation in public events and enhancing them to leave positive comments on social media. This will help create a climate of transparency and trust for future employees. 


Employees are the best allies when drawing up an employer brand strategy. All branding work starts from within, and feedback from your teams is one of the best tools you can use to find out what candidates are looking for in an ideal company. 

Do not be afraid to ask, because through their contributions, their comments, and their ideas, you can get valuable information to turn your organization into the best place to work. 


The main objective of employer branding is to spread an attractive brand image that stands out among the best qualified candidates to convince them that your company is the best fit for their professional developing. 

For this purpose, social networks are the best option. Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook (Meta) or TikTok, each of them is designed to target a specific audience. Whichever one you choose, they are all a great space to promote the actions carried out by the company and create an atmosphere of participation and closeness that users and future employees value a lot. 

Boost your Employer Branding strategy with Team Insights 

Team Insights is a SaaS (Software as a Service) that help you create and improve your employer branding strategy. Through pulse surveysthat are sent directly to your employees, and with an open and anonymous  chat with which you can communicate with them, you will improve internal communication, increase work commitment and turn your collaborators into brand ambassadors. 

To shine on the outside, you first must shine on the inside. With oir engagement management software, you will know what to do to create the work environment that makes star talent fall in love, attract and retain them into your company.

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