7 Top Tier Tools to Create Employee Surveys for FREE

As a team leader, you probably know the importance of measuring the work environment to design employee experiences that bring out their full potential. So, you probably also know that having the right tools is essential to carry out correct monitoring of employee satisfaction. One of these essential tools are employee surveys, which have become one of the most valued resources by companies that care about the well-being of their collaborators and want to hear their opinion about their workspace. 

The workspace environment influences employee behavior. A good work climate will make employees happier, more satisfied, and more motivated. And this will be reflected in better performance and better results and outcomes for the organization. 

Thanks to the use of recurring surveys, team managers get a large amount of feedback that helps them identify which components of their management are what make people stay in the organization. And, at the same time, it allows them to solve disruptions as they arise, even before they become a real problem for the business. 

However, to work properly, surveys need to be of quality. This means that they must have the appropriate structure and format to meet the validity and reliability standards, two essential requirements to obtain real and significant data with which to make the best decisions. 

Fortunately, there are a large number of specialized software on the market for free with which you can create functional job surveys in a matter of minutes. 

Next, we leave you with a list of the best options. 

The 7 best programs to conduct free online employee surveys 

1.Team Insights 

Team Insights is an employee management software designed to know how strong the commitment, satisfaction and motivation of your team are, monitor their progress in real-time, and make the best decisions that drive your business to the top. 

With the Free Plan, you can create surveys with unlimited questions for up to 50 users, which makes it perfect for small and medium businesses. In addition, it has several types of predefined surveys, like: 

  • Employee engagement. 
  • eNPS. 
  • Onboarding. 
  • Telecommuting. 

You can choose between one-time surveys or pulse surveys and, among its main features, there are: employee segmentation, anonymous feedback channel, dashboard for employees, user roles and permissions, multilingual options, logo, participation analysis, visual insights with friendly graphics for a better understanding of your company’s strengths and areas for improvement and the certainty that all data is secure and 100% anonymous. 

And we repeat, all for free! 


Survey Monkey is one of the most popular online survey platforms thanks to its powerful survey creator and easy sharing. 

One of its great assets is its survey library with nearly 200 templates ready to be used or edited to perfectly fit the objectives of your organization. 

With the BASIC plan (free), you can create surveys of up to 10 questions with a limit on the display of responses. For the most advanced features, it is necessary to subscribe to one of its three payment plans. 


QuestionPro is another powerful online tool for creating and sharing questionnaires in seconds. 

It has three types of licenses and the Essential is the free one. With it, you can create and customize surveys of up to 100 questions with a response display limit. 

The program includes several survey templates that can be used by businesses to create custom surveys and questionnaires. Additionally, it offers tools to contact respondents via email, built-in popups, or posting surveys to social media accounts, including Twitter and Facebook. 


Typeform defines itself as the data collection tool that makes asking and answering fun for more and better results. 

Thanks to this software you can create surveys, questionnaires, forms or something completely new. It has a multitude of templates with which you can customize the designs and make the surveys fit your tone and visual identity. 

In its free version, you can create surveys with a limit of 10 questions, and it also has a restriction of 10 responses per month counting all surveys. 

5.Google Forms 

The well-known Google Forms is a free form creation tool that allows users to create online surveys and questionnaires without any limits to collect and organize information. 

One of its greatest assets is that users can send all the collected data to a spreadsheet and analyze the data directly in Google Sheets. And it’s totally free, to use it you just need to have a Google account. 


This online survey software allows you to create an unlimited number of surveys starting from already established templates or completely from scratch. 

In its free version you can use 20 different types of questions and analyze up to 100 responses per survey. It also has a simple delivery method through e-mail, web, QR and social networks. 

It has customer support by e-mail and telephone (only paid plans) and with its responsive design you can also use it through mobile devices. 


This online survey tool is characterized by its powerful “Drag&Drop” style designer, in which you only have to drag the blocks to create the questions. 

Since 2020, Qualtrics has a free version with access to the basic options of its software, in which you can create as many questionnaires as you want. When you go to design a survey, you can choose between 8 response options or, if you prefer, use one of the 50 predefined templates available so that you can select the one that best suits your needs. 

Why is Team Insights diferent from other survey platforms?

All the tools we have listed before are perfectly valid options for creating employee surveys. But only Team Insights is designed with the needs of business managers in mind.

Its use goes beyond the creation of questionnaires: it is focused on maximizing feedback so that you can be a better manager and identify which dimensions of your company you should strengthen to create high-performance teams.


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