What are the benefits of an employee satisfaction survey?

What are the benefits of an employee satisfaction survey?

Knowing the level of satisfaction of the employees in your organization is one of the key factors for the growth of the company. This is because the people who are part of the organization are the most important assetas the success of the company depends on their motivation, commitment,and performance. 

The employee satisfaction survey is one of the most used resources by leaders and human resources departments, due to the fact that it is a simple and effective way to know the status of your teams, and the results can indicate how to improve and respond appropriately to the needs or problems that may affect the organization, even with a preventive standpoint.  

You may ask yourselves:what are employee satisfaction surveys?What benefits do they present? 

Keep reading. We will tell you everything you need to know. 

What is the employee satisfaction survey? 

The employee satisfaction survey is a tool used to measure, quantify and analyseto what extent people in your company are satisfied and happy with their job.

It is widely used to identify and understand the status of employees in regards to their motivation, commitment, performancetackling as well other critical dimensions that have a direct impact in all the levels of an organization. 

Measuring the satisfaction will allow you to see the evolution of the working environment, and provide additional support to HR departments in improving employee experiencemaking them theperfect brand ambassadors.

To be fully valid and effective, responses must be 100% anonymous.  Guaranteeing the confidentiality prevents biased responses and provides answers which are truthful and objectiveThis is key in making the right decisions and growing as a company. 

Another important factor is that they must be carried out on a regular basis so you can assess and check if the decisions that you are making are correct and are on the right track in order to achieve your goals.  

Benefits of an employee satisfaction survey 

Employee satisfaction surveys explore the state of “health” of your organization and offers a significant number of interesting benefits for both the company and workers, which can be seen below: 

1. Empower teams       

These types of surveys are a good way to empower your teams. They are the perfect loudspeaker and scenarioto give voice to all opinions, concerns, and suggestions, regardless of their position within the organization: in the employee satisfaction surveys, all opinions are important. 

2. Immediate insights       

Employee satisfaction surveys offer immediate insight and pinpoints the right questions, thus improving the decision-making regarding the management of people. 

It also provides the opportunity to conduct a historical tracking of the evolution of the working environment to see if these decisions have a positive effector on the contrary, need to be changed. 

3. Improve trust and transparency       

When employees feel part of the organization and perceive that their opinions are being consideredthe level of trust towards the organization increases significantly. 

Trust and transparency are key factors for an open communication. They are able to modify structures and behaviours, encouraging a mentality ofopenness to change. 

4. Promotes talent retention and reduces the costs of talent rotation       

Related to the previous point, the confidence provided by conducting job satisfaction surveys promoted loyalty from the employee, who will feel part of the organization and will work towards the same objectives. 

Employee loyalty and, therefore, the retention (and attraction) of talent go hand in hand with an organization that understands how to take care of the well-being of its employees, which is a differentiating factor in today’s market. This addedvalue contributes to thebusiness success and reduces the costs involved in the flight of talent. 

5. Identify areas for improvement       

Different to other methods or tools, employee satisfaction surveys give us a view “from within ” with which we obtain a large amount of information. 

By analysing this information, areas for improvement can be detected and restructured to create a great employee experience in all aspects. 

6. Create solutions adjusted to your reality       

With this type of survey, you can find out what are the exact problems that block your organization from evolving and therefore create customized solutions. 

The more extensive the survey and the more information you can gather, the more likely it will be to find the right solution. 

7. Improve employee performance       

A popular belief is that job satisfaction surveys are created to improve employee performance. It is important to understand that this is not the main objective but the natural consequence behind all the benefits previously mentioned. 

When a person who is part of an organization feels valuedthat they have a say in decisions and is respected, then they will be happier in their jobs. 

Employees who are satisfied with the organization work harder and better, so performance, motivation, and efficiency levels skyrocket. 

How to conduct an employee satisfaction survey 

In order to obtain valid results and understand the status of your team, a series of steps must be followed:

  • Set a goal: without the right questions we won’t get the right answers. Before launching the survey, we must know what we want to measure specifically: “Are the training courses relevant? ”,” Do we correctly transmit the mission and values ​​of the organization? ”,” Is the leadership system adequate?. These and many others are some of the questions you can ask yourself when launching a job satisfaction survey.      
  • Design the questions:once the objective has been established, the questions must be consistent with what is intended to analyse.         
  • Distribute the questions: once the survey is designed, the next step is to send it among all employees across an efficient platform, making sure that the participation rate is high enough to be able to analyse the data. 
  • Analyse the results: a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the responses must be applied to extract the maximum amount of information.              
  • Take decisions: when we analysed the responses and extracted relevant data, the next step is to make the appropriate decisions that help improve the management of employees and, therefore, the organization.          
  • Follow - up:  it is pointless to make decisions if we don’t make sure that they are useful. Once all the changes have been implemented, it is necessary to do another satisfaction survey to see the variability in the responses and compare results. This will allow you to see if you are on the right track.     

If you want to know the status of your teams, Team Insights can help you: our tool will facilitate the implementation of all the steps quickly and easily. 

Team Insights has a battery of questions specially designed to find out the satisfaction of all employees, which is always adaptable to the needs of your organization. 

Its data collection system based on Big Data and People Analytics guarantees reliable and immediate results, allowing you to make decisions quickly at the right time. 

Team Insights is a very intuitive and easy- to-use software that helps your company evolve together with your employees and allows youto boost their motivation and satisfaction. 

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