Choose if you want to receive comments by email

Team Insights feedback email

You can choose if you want to read employees’ feedback right away by receiving an email in the moment a person from your team leaves a comment.

The option to receive messages by mail is activated by default, but if you want to change it, as the administrator or manager of a team, you have to go to your profile, and within the “My Profile” tab, choose the desired option by using the “Receive instant feedback from users” button.

If you activate this function, you will be able to check received messages instantly from your email, without having to log into Team Insights. If you receive a lot of emails and you prefer to review them when logging into Team Insights, you can deactivate it and receive only the surveys emails.

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Ensure you drive your decisions to the right direction. Align your budget and actions to the real needs of your team. Talk to people with true and honest feedback in your hands.