How can we help companies during the COVID-19 crisis?

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In this moment of crisis caused by the Covid-19, where many companies have had to manage enormous changes in record time, such as implementing remote work for their entire workforce and introducing new working policies, Team Insights can be a useful tool.

Many organizations are concerned about how this crisis will impact their employees. In the short run, there is an urgent need to manage critical issues regarding the business and workflow, but as time passes and companies re-adapt to this context, one must start to think on the impact it will have once the situation begins to normalize. Will our organization have managed well this crisis? Will our organization have taken the adequate steps and practices to tackle this crisis? How we manage this situation today will indeed have a huge impact in the commitment of our employees not only now, but also once the economy pushes through.

For this reason, Team Insights has designed and enabled a new system for shorter interventions in time, in particular, with two high-interest surveys:


We hope that with this small contribution we can help organizations manage better this crisis.

We also wish to inform that in Team Insights we’ve taken the necessary safety precautions dictated by official organisms and planned a contingency system to continue with our normal operations, without any interruptions.

Hope you all are in good health and keep safe.


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