5 Reasons you should ask your employees in times of crisis

Since Classical Greece, the great philosophers understood that to understand the world around them, they had to ask questions. To this day, that has not changed. So if you want to understand the dynamics of your organization, you must overcome the fear of discomfort and learn to ask your employees.

Yes, we know that asking the team in complicated situations is not pleasant and many managers prefer to hide behind the typical “if I don’t see it, it doesn’t exist.”

But… It does. And using this strategy to ignore challenges and problems will not only not make them go away, but will increase to dimensions that could seriously harm the health of the organization.

Therefore, today in Team Insights we tell you why it is necessary to ask the people who are part of your company, and why surveys can become your best ally in times of crisis.


Asking your employees is giving them a voice

For many employers, conducting an employee satisfaction survey in times of uncertainty seems like an additional challenge to the one they already have. Even a source of new worries.

However, giving employees the opportunity to be heard directly is very beneficial, since you provide them with is a channel of dialogue in which they can express themselves safely and constructively.

By asking the right questions about their well-being and their perception of the work environment, apart from giving them a voice, which is already very important, you also show them that their opinion is valuable and that they are an integral part of the solution to the current situation.

So, employee surveys are a strategic tool to strengthen trust and commitment to the company and its objectives.

Additionally, the answers obtained will help you reveal pain points and areas for improvement that you may not have previously identified. And it is precisely that information that will you make faster and more effective decisions that improve both the work environment and the company’s results.

Why is it good to ask your team in times of crisis?

Asking employees and taking the pulse of the organization in difficult times is an indication of proactivity and effective leadership, and also a clear signal that the company not only wants to overcome the crisis, but also ensure the well-being and continued development of employees.

Yes, from the outside it seems like a risky step.

But in our experience, the advantages far outweigh the potential drawbacks. Here we show you some of them:

1. Identification of hidden problems

A crisis often obscures underlying problems that are not evident on the surface, so by surveying employees, you will have the opportunity to make these hidden problems visible through their direct perspective and act specifically to solve them.

2. Improved engagement and morale

In difficult times, employees get discouraged quickly.

In this sense, a survey will show that management cares about their opinions and, when employees see that their contributions are taken into account, they are more likely to feel valued and committed to the organization, improving their motivation, productivity and their loyalty.

3. Promotes transparency and trust

Another reason to ask your employees in times of crisis is that conducting surveys creates an environment of openness and transparency.

Asking and valuing employees’ opinions, that is, involving them in improving the situation, demonstrates honesty on the part of management about the current situation and also its willingness to change.

The result? You’re strengthening trust, a critical factor for teamwork and resistance to change.

4. Provides data to make informed decisions

In a crisis, every decision counts and should be based on the best information available.

Here, surveys will give you actual data about your team’s mood, concerns and suggestions. Without a doubt, information of great value to prioritize actions, allocate resources efficiently and design strategies that directly address the needs of employees and the company’s goals.

5. Preparation for the future

Finally, asking your employees through surveys will not only help you solve current problematic situations, but they will also help you predict trends and identify opportunities for growth and development. Understanding how your people feel will help you gain insights into crucial perspectives so that your organization can adapt and evolve in the most efficient manner in the face of future challenges.


Now that you know the benefits of asking your employees in times of crisis, it’s time to launch your own survey. Request a Demo and discover everything that Team Insights can do for you and your organization!


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