24 questions to ask your employees and improve your organization

preguntas para conocer a tus empleados

Asking employees and getting their perspective on important issues that affect the operation of the business is a task that should be recurring in any organization. We know that there are annual satisfaction surveys. But we also know that those surveys are inefficient, because what we get from them is outdated information. 

In a world that demands immediacy and agility, business leaders cannot sit idly by waiting a year to find out what they can improve in their management to create a better organization that outperforms the competition. 

Especially now that employees know for sure about their value and what they are looking for from a company to consider working for it, we must ask questions more than ever to get to know our employees. Only then can we understand their needs and satisfy them to boost their commitment and loyalty. 

Pulse surveys, the best shortcut to improve your organization 

As we say, asking employees should be a constant in any organization. Continuous feedback not only allows you to know which aspects of your management you have to promote or improve, it also makes employees feel heard and valued. 

Giving your teams the opportunity to express their opinions and points of view will make them understand that they are a key player in the functioning of the organization, and this is essential for fostering the feeling of belonging in them and make them brand ambassadors who help in the talent attraction. 

In turn, this feeling of belonging makes employees commit to the mission and vision of the organization. In fact, according to an article in the Harvard Business Review , when employees feel like they are part of their organization, they improve their productivity, motivation, commitment and are 3.5 times more likely to contribute to their full potential. 

Without a doubt, employee questions are an indispensable tool for the growth of a long-term sustainable business. 

However, we must be realistic and understand that asking one by one what they think of the organization and how things are done there is an arduous task that requires a lot of time and effort… or maybe not? 

Ask every one of the collaborators and extract valuable insights is simple and fast if you have the right tools, as is the case with employee pulse surveys. 

With them, you can know the state of your team and your organization if you know how to ask the right questions. 

Next, we show you a few depending on the matter you want to improve. 

24 Questions You Should Ask Your Employees 

About Development and Training 

  • Do you consider that you are growing professionally? 
  • Do you think you receive the necessary training to update your knowledge and perform your duties? 
  • Does your job offer you challenges and the opportunity to keep improving? 

About Recognition and Reward 

  • Do you consider that your salary corresponds to your level of responsibility? 
  • Do you think that your organization encourages employees to recognize each other? 
  • Are you sure that you are paid fairly compared to similar positions in your organization? 

About Resources and Facilities 

  • Is your workspace comfortable enough? 
  • Do you consider that your work environment reflects the culture of your organization? 
  • Has your organization provided you with the necessary equipment and/or systems to make it easy to carry out your work? 

About Culture and Values 

  • Would you say that the management team accepts and implements the teams’ suggestions on how to improve? 
  • To what extent do you feel that you have the freedom to decide how to carry out your work? 
  • Do you feel that working in your organization you can balance your personal and professional life? 

About Internal Communications 

  • Are you aware of the existence of a specific communication plan in your organization? 
  • Do you think there is open communication between all teams, levels, areas, departments, etc.? 
  • Do you receive information on the results of the latest employee satisfaction surveys in which you have participated? 

About Mission and Vision 

  • Do you think that the management has a clear vision of where the organization is going and how to get there? 
  • Do you think your organization can achieve its goals? 
  • Do you know the history of your organization? 

About Climate and Motivation 

  • Do you think you are important to your team? 
  • Are you proud to be able to say that you work in your organization? 
  • Would you say that in your organization everyone feels part of the same team? 

About Leadership 

  • Are you happy with the frequency with which you receive feedback from your direct manager? 
  • Does your direct manager show coherence between what he or she says and what he o she does? 
  • Is your direct manager clear and specific when defining your goals? 

These are just some of the Team Insights’ questions available and ready to use in our employees pulse surveys, that you can send automatically to your workforce and start collecting data. But there are many more.

Ask your employees with Team Insights

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