You can now create non-anonymous surveys

Team Insights

There are certain surveys where it is necessary to know who has answered them, where anonymity does not bring any value. For this reason and thanks to our user’s feedback, we have added the possibility of creating non-anonymous surveys.

Team Insights

Enhancing the survey designer functionality, where you can create your own surveys and questions, available in the advanced subscription, you now have the possibility of sending non-anonymous surveys, which will allow you to know the responses of each of each employee and thus make better decisions.

This functionality can be used in new surveys created by the administrator. The standard Team Insights surveys will always remain anonymous, to ensure that users can respond freely in these sections, with the exception of the Team Insights Onboarding survey, which will not be anonymous, upon request of the feedback received. This is because it allows you to obtain good understanding of this particular process from the first response and  act quickly with new employees that have indicated any issues in their start, improving their first steps within the organization.

To enable it, when you create a new survey in the designer, you only need to choose in the general information and using the “Anonymous” button, how you wish to see the results.

If you choose a survey to be not anonymous, you will be able to see the responses of each employee. You will find this in the Organization menu, within the Employees submenu, and by clicking on the “View non-anonymous answers” button that is available for each employee.

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