Team Insights News – You can combine filters

Team Insights filters image

We want to introduce to you one of the new features of our latest release 1.9.1, which has been recently activated: combining different Team Insights filters, so that you can analyse the data with more detail and precision.

You can combine all the available filters: Seniority, age, manager / no manager, department or group, so you won’t miss anything!

Team Insights filters image

In order for the data to be shown, remember that you need to have at least 5 valid answers available for the specific filter you want to see. This restriction exists with the only objective of displaying the information in an anonymous way. If this wouldn’t exist and you combined several filters, you would be able to identify a particular employee, something we do not wish in Team Insights.

In addition to this improvement, and as we do in each release, we have corrected some minor errors, thanks to those users who have reported them. Your feedback is very important to us, since you help improve Team Insights every day.

We have also made changes in our feedback email format and added the possibility of writing down manually the dates, as well as other improvements.

If you have any doubts, questions or suggestions about Team Insights, don’t hesitate and contact us.


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