Manage user access with one click

We’ve added a features menu so you can now easily enable functions for all of your users, without having to do it for each employee one step at a time. This will help you make bulk changes all at once, saving lots of time.

You can enable or disable Managers’ Access to Team Insights, so they can have their personal access to analyze the results of their teams on their own time and be able to take the necessary actions.

You can also allow or remove access to all users to the Employee Portal, which is the individual site of each employee where they can see if they have any pending surveys, check if they have received a response to any open question they made, or even leave a new feedback.

You’ll find the Features screen within the configuration menu.

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Make decisions with
information, not intuition

Ensure you drive your decisions to the right direction. Align your budget and actions to the real needs of your team. Talk to people with true and honest feedback in your hands.