Customize the welcome and pulse email

You can now choose to customize the welcome and pulse emails sent by Team Insights, for any language you want, by writing a message that best suits your needs.

From the Settings menu you will see the “Mails Settings” option. When you select it, you will see the “Welcome e-mail” or “Pulse e-mail” tabs at the top.

To edit the emails that employees will receive with each pulse survey, selecting the “Pulse E-mail” tab, you have to choose the language and press the “Edit” button at the bottom of the screen. You can now change and personalize the subject, the title of the email and the message. You have several options that will make your email more attractive and configurable.

If you wish is to modify the welcome email, which is received the first time you have to answer a survey, you must deactivate the welcome email, using the “Status” button in the “Welcome Email” tab. Therefore, the message that will be sent the first time will be the same as the one you have in “Pulse Email”, which, as we have seen, you can edit as you please.

This new function of being able to parameterize the emails will help you to have a message that is perfectly adapted to your company, and that is attractive to your employees.

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