Choose the number of responses required to analyze results

Team Insights Responses

Based on your feedback, you can now configure the minimum number of employees who need answer the survey for results to be displayed. You can choose between 3, 4 or 5 the employees that are needed to be able to review the results, and this also applies when using any filter that you have available in Team Insights.

To update the value, you need to find the surveys menu, and in the Settings section, choose the desired number in “User minimum to display results” and save the changes.

With the manager’s access configured and the option checking specific metrics for their teams, employees now have the possibility to choose whether or not to allow their written feedback reaches their manager (in addition to reaching Team Insights’ administrator, as usual).

This can be useful for small teams or where filters are used (such as groups or departments) with a low number of employees, giving the possibility to analyze the result with a smaller number of employees that answer the survey.

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