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We launched a function that surely will interest you! 

You can now choose to view the results by waves (and view the scores separately) or by periods (the cumulative trend over time, as before).

At the top of your screen, you will see the “Show pulse survey” button with 2 options. The option “By periods of X months”, will show you the evolution of the data accumulated in the last X months, where the value of X will depend on the Pulse’s Frequency that you choose.

For example, if you send surveys every week, the calculations will be based on the last 3 months, while if you send them every 2 months, the information is based on last year data.

If you choose the “By waves” option, you will see the results of each wave, without a historical calculation.

This new option allows you to analyze the data from 2 different but very valuable perspectives, visualizing the data of a specific release (to be able to review each wave separately), or use the view by periods, which allows you to analyze the evolution of the results.

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