Check Team Insights’ new dynamic menu!

We’ve designed a new navigation menu that allows you to use the functionalities you already know from Team Insights in a more easy and friendly way.

The menu has now an upper section with the main options of Pulse Survey and Feedback. Considering the choice you make, a dynamic menu will be displayed on the left of the screen with new options. For example, in the Pulse Survey Menu, you will have the options of Dashboard, Participation, Metrics and Pulse Settings, and if you select any of them, new options will be shown in that same menu.

This new menu aims to allow a more intuitive and friendly navigation throughout the tool and prepare Team Insights for the next new features.

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Make decisions with
information, not intuition

Ensure you drive your decisions to the right direction. Align your budget and actions to the real needs of your team. Talk to people with true and honest feedback in your hands.