Check out the dashboard´s new look

Team Insights new Dashboard

The dashboard has been renewed and we wanted to let you know what has changed.

New Dashboard Team Insights

It has now 4 sections: Participation, feedback, rated dimensions and questions with the highest and lowest scores.

The main objetive of the dashboard is that you see the most relevant data in just one screen. If you wish to see more details, go to the specific section by clicking the available buttons or though the corresponding menu.

In the participation section you can see the general participation, and the difference compared with the previous wave. Additionally, you can visualize the number of inactive users, the date of the last wave, when the next wave will be sent and the graph of the evolution over time.

In the feedback section, you will see the latest comments received from employees, and how many you have still unread.


New Dashboard Team Insights


In the next section, you can review the 5 best rated dimensions (greater than 8 points) as well as the 5 worst rated (if scores are less than 7).

In the last section, you will see the result of the 5 questions considered as strengths (greater than 8 points) and the score of the 5 lowest questions, (less than 7 points), which will help you to analyze where you can improve.

We will continue to improve and upgrade the dashboard in the coming months, so keep an eye on what’s new so you don’t miss a thing.

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