Bring out the best of your teams with Team Insights for managers

Team Insights Managers

A new upgrade that many of you were waiting for in now available… All managers can now have their own Team Insights portal, where they can see the results of their team, and take actions to improve engagement and more efficient teams.

This new functionality brings Team Insights to a new level, offering managers a tool that promotes empowerment and autonomy. With this, they can analyze their data and look for improvements in their teams.

Team Insights Managers

In order to have have the managers’ portal, the hierarchy has to be created, and this is done by choosing the person responsible for each employee, from the configuration menu, in the employees section.

You can then review the managers’ hierarchy, to confirm that has all the employees uploaded correctly.

You will have to enable the “manager’s portal” from the same menu, so then each manager, with their username and password, can log in and see the results of his team.

Team Insights

Remember: you can only see results as long as the minimum number of employees who have responded to the survey is met (you can choose the minimum between 3 and 5 employees). This allows to guarantee and maintain the anonymity of your employees.

And since we mentioned the configuration menu, it is now on the right side of the screen, next to the user profile, with the wheel icon.

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