Team-work, the key in employee satisfaction surveys

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Did you know that employee participation in the development of employee satisfaction surveys is essential to obtain accurate and meaningful results? 

When conducting this type of survey,  many companies decide to opt for predefined questions that cover general culture and climate topics. While this is suitable when you do not have much experience, the truth is that with this strategy, you run the risk of overlooking topics that are really interesting to the team, which can have a direct impact on their behavior in the company. 

Instead, by involving workers in the design process, you foster an atmosphere of trust and facilitate the collection of valuable information that is really useful for decision-making and improvement actions. 

In addition, this strategy helps employees feel more committed to the organization, which helps to enhance talent loyalty. 

Benefits of having the collaboration of the team in the preparation of employee surveys 

Having team members involved in surveys development may seem like a costly process. However, the advantages it brings deserve special attention: 

  1. Relevance : When employees participate in creating satisfaction surveys, we are ensuring that the questions address issues that are relevant to them, making the information collected useful and reflecting the real concerns of workers in their day-to-day work. 
  2. Credibility : As collaborators who feel listened and valued are more likely to trust the survey process. This increases honesty in their answers and therefore improves the quality of the data obtained. 
  3. Commitment: Because by perceiving that their opinions and needs are taken into account, workers feel more motivated to stay in the organization. 

How to encourage worker participation in survey development 

For proper team management, it is essential that each member can contribute their bit to the improvement of processes and results of the organization. Questionnaires prepared directly from management are a good option to track generic KPI’s, but they do not help to understand the reality of the workspace. 

In other words: they serve to measure results, but not to identify what the motivating factors are. 

By encouraging employee participation in the creation of surveys, beliefs and assumptions are set aside, and the focus begins to be put on the areas that are truly important to your team. 

If you want your satisfaction surveys to start being more relevant and drastically improve the experience of your employees, pay attention to the following tips: 

1. Create a team of representatives

To ensure effective participation, in which all topics of general interest are covered, it is essential to involve representatives from various hierarchical levels and areas of the company. 

In this way, you are guaranteeing the inclusion of all perspectives and needs , avoiding biases that could cloud the results and, therefore, make decision-making difficult. 

2. Facilitate access to information

It is essential that, as a leader, you spark your team’s interest in the organization’s improvement processes. 

In this sense, providing employees with clear information about the purpose of the survey and the goals to achieve will help to encourage participation and involvement in the creation process. 

For this, explain with total honesty what the current situation of the company is and emphasizes the importance of the collaboration of all people to build an optimal and satisfactory workspace. 

3. Establish open communication channels

It is important to provide employees with various ways for them to express their ideas and opinions about the surveys. 

Some examples of these channels include group meetings, brainstorming sessions or internal digital platforms that allow sharing and discussing proposals. In any case, you must take into account how your team works, and what format is the most comfortable to ensure that participation in the creation of the survey is effective. 

Why is it important to have team collaboration in the preparation of employee surveys? 

If your team does not feel motivated to get involved in the survey creation process, help them understand why these are so important. 

The use of this type of tool is critical for the proper functioning of an organization. Through it, leaders can understand how employees feel about their work and what specific aspects can be improved. 

By knowing the opinions and needs of workers, companies can make informed decisions to improve the work environment, increase productivity and retain talent. 

For this reason, the active involvement of all team members is crucial to obtaining accurate and significant results that help improve their well-being. 

Creating the best place to work is only possible if we work together, and at Team Insights we make it easy for you. Design employee satisfaction surveys quickly, send them to your entire workforce, and evaluate the results in real-time so you can start taking measures right away and without wasting time. 

Why not start now? It’s free! 

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