How are we managing the COVID-19 crisis?

Team Insights survey for coronavirus Covid-19

With the breakout of the COVID-19 crisis, all organizations have been immersed in difficult circumstances, much of them completely new, which have caused uncertainty and confusion. Once surpassed the initial situation, full of changes and periods of adaptation, many of these companies have tried to continue with their activity or have begun with their plans for “the day after tomorrow”. It is in that moment when questions begin to appear in terms of our team’s perception in how the organization is managing this crisis.

In many cases, the necessary resources have been invested to ease as much as possible the inconveniences caused, but have they’ve been enough? Are there areas which we believe we have already tackled but our employees perceive them as neglected? Without a doubt, how well we manage this moment of crisis will determine if the company emerges stronger from this crisis or in a weaker position.

To help organizations cope with this crisis, Team Insights has enabled a new special dimension designed to obtain feedback from employees while the impact of the pandemic lasts. This new dimension, called “Covid-19”, offers a set of questions that will allow you to know if the practices, procedures and policies implemented to handle the problems arisen are being effective. These set of questions can also be complemented with an intervention oriented to obtain feedback on the level of maturity of remote work (for more information: Measure your organization’s remote work level).

This dimension consists of a set of 12 questions with graded answers, with an additional open question. The first set of questions allows us to know the evolution of the implementation over time, in terms of regulations and hygiene, communication, equipment and action plans, while the open question allows us to obtain a direct feedback from employees regarding aspects which have not been tackled in the previous items.

To activate this dimension, you must select the configuration option “Dimension configuration” and select the Covid-19 dimension.

Select dimension configuration in Team Insights


Once activated this dimension, employees will receive the following questions, with graded answers and an open question each week.


Regulations and Hygiene:

  • Are there hygiene standards or instructions for the prevention of infections in your company?
  • Have the necessary hygiene materials been made available in your company to prevent contagion?
  • In your company, have cleaning and disinfection protocols been adopted to prevent infections?



  • To what extent has your company communicated a plan or specific actions to prevent the impact of the coronavirus?
  • Has your company answered all the questions regarding the impact of the coronavirus in your workplace?
  • To what degree has the communication with your manager been smooth and fluent regarding the management of COVID-19 in your company?
  • Does your company offer you easy and accessible channels to ask questions about COVID-19?
  • Are the usual communication channels working normally during the COVID-19 crisis?
  • How often does your company provide quality information on the status of the coronavirus?


Equipment and action plans:

  • Do you feel accompanied during the COVID-19 crisis in your company?
  • Does your company put at your disposal tools to deal with the frustration and uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 crisis?
  • In your company, is the COVID-19 crisis being managed proactively?


If you have any doubts or questions about the implementation of this new dimension, don’t hesitate and contact our customer service team.

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