Gen Z: 6 tips to boost their Employee Engagement

Companies often say that it’s difficult to maintain the commitment and motivation of their younger employees. As Generation Z is beginning to integrate into the workforce, it’s essential to understand what are the characteristics that differentiate it from other generations and thus, find ways to enhance their engagement and retain them as employees. 

If yours is one of those companies where young talent is slipping away faster than you’d like, keep reading! 

What is Generation Z? 

Generation Z is a term used to refer to people born between the late 1990s and early 2010s. This generation is also known by other names, including iGen, Post – Millennials, Plurals , and Homelanders. 

Gen Z people are, unlike the others, the first to have grown up with full access to the Internet and a multitude of digital technologies from the moment they’re born. So, it’s not surprising that they are also called the “Authentic Digital Natives”. 

It is the most diverse and inclusive cohort, with a powerful acceptance of the individual differences that mark us as individuals and a more global perspective of circumstances than previous generations. 

And one of the characteristics that most defines Generation Z is their dependence on technology: from an early age they’re used to being constantly connected to the Internet and using a wide variety of resources that allow them to access all kinds of information, communicate with other people, and get great sources of entertainment. 

They also stand out for a strong sense of individualism and are a generation with a great desire to change things and make the world a better place, which, in parallel, makes them one of the most supportive generations. 

That is why, despite its youth, Generation Z is very socially and politically aware. They are passionate about issues such as social justice, climate change, equality, equity, integrity… and it’s not uncommon to see them on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn expressing their opinions and raising their voices for what concerns them and the causes in which they believe. 

The main characteristics of Gen Z 

Here are some of the characteristics often associated with Generation Z: 

  • They’re Digital Natives who have grown up surrounded by technology and with full access to the Internet. 
  • Highly connected and with a strong online presence. 
  • They feel very comfortable with the diversity of the population. 
  • They are independent and self-sufficient. 
  • GenZers are pragmatic and focused on practical goals. 
  • They are very aware of social and environmental problems. 
  • They are open to new ideas and experiences. 
  • They are adaptable and resilient. 
  • They have a greater facility for multitasking, being able to do real juggling to focus on various priorities. 

That said, it’s important to note that these features are widespread. In other words, not all people in Generation Z exhibit these traits, but they vary depending on each individual, their personal history and their life experience. 

Why is it important to generate Engagement with the employees of Generation Z? 

GenZ people have grown and are already becoming part of the new generation of employees joining companies. And one of the main problems that companies face is their lack of commitment. 

Either because they don’t know the right strategies, or because it’s hard for them to change their mindset, few companies dedicate time and effort to engage with their youngest. 

Why is it so necessary? 

First, Gen Z is the generation that will be part of the new workforce of companies in a large-scale so, without a doubt, they will have a key role in the future development of businesses. 

For this reason, engaging with Generation Z employees helps companies understand the new needs of this demographic, their objectives and their motivations, helping organizations to improve commitment and attract top talent. 

Also, Gen Z teams bring a unique set of skills and competencies. This generation is very knowledgeable about the different uses and benefits of technology, they are adaptable, flexible, they know how to work as a team, and they can help companies stay competitive in a market that is increasingly digitized. 

By increasing the engagement of Gen Z employees, companies can harness this potential and benefit from their new ideas and valuable knowledge. 

In addition, generating engagement with younger team members allows companies to enhance their reputation. As we’ve already mentioned, Gen Z are well known for being socially conscious and driven by their personal values, which often prompts them to look for companies that align with their beliefs. 

So, by connecting with Generation Z, organizations show that they are committed to diversity, inclusion and other issues that concern social responsibility, helping to project a better brand image, and becoming a powerful attraction for Z talent. 

Tips to increase Engagement with Generation Z 

The strategies to generate engagement with the people who represent the future of the organizations may be different from the others, since these employees have different priorities and motivations. 

Here are a few tips to increase engagement and connect with Generation Z: 

  1. Provide feedback on a regular basis. Generation Z employees appreciate feedback and evaluations of their hard work, so make sure that communication with them is constant and fluid. Let them know when they are doing a good job and share your perspective on how they could improve. 
  2. Offer flexible work hours. GenZers highly value their time, and one of their top priorities is finding the right work-life balance. For this reason, it is important that they have the opportunity to work from home, or have flexible hours in which they are the ones who decide how to organize their day-to-day. 
  3. Create a positive work culture. Generation Z is motivated by positive environments and prefers to work in organizations with values that are committed to society. So, it is essential that your company creates an inclusive climate, supports employees, and make a pleasant work environment. To do this, you can schedule quarterly or semi-annual Teambuilding activities focused on diversity and inclusion, mutual respect or camaraderie. 
  4. Be honest and transparent. Honesty is the foundation of any relationship. It will be easier to engage with Gen Z employees if you are open in your communications, both in terms of corporate goals and in terms of job performance. In other words: expectations must be clear from the outset. 
  5. Offer opportunities for growth and development. Gen Z employees are very ambitious and expect rapid growth within the company. Although this can be difficult, it is important that they can feel that they are developing professionally. Slowly but surely. It’s interesting that you can offer these employees training programs, mentoring, tutorials and all kinds of resources that help them achieve their goals. 
  6. Do not close the doors to new ideas. Generation Z tends to be open-minded and come up with new and original ideas. Listen to them. This not only makes them feel valuable within the company, it also helps foster a feeling of belonging and collaboration, while improving integration within the team. 

In short, cultivating Gen Z engagement requires a positive work culture, providing opportunities for growth and development, being open-minded to new ideas, and maintaining honest and transparent communication. 

Following these tips helps you boost engagement, ensuring that your Gen Z team feels valued and committed with your company. 

Use Team Insights to improve Engagement with Generation Z 

Team Insights is a SaaS that helps companies improve the engagement and motivation of their teams. 

How? Through employee surveys and a chat channel that keeps employees in touch with their managers. And, to ensure the quality of the information, communication is 100% anonymous. 

Surveys are a great way to gather valuable data, and with Team Insights you can create team segments and send them only to the members that interest you the most. 

Thus, you gain in-depth insight into the experiences, preferences, and opinions of Generation Z about their workplace: what aspects of the company they value most, what motivates them, and what actions should be taken to improve engagement. 

In addition, to make your work easier, the tool already has an extensive library of questions specially designed to assess the commitment and motivation of employees. You just have to select the type of survey, send it, and start getting results. 

It’s so easy to use that no requires any prior knowledge of HR Analytics, and its powerful visual design helps you make decisions quickly. 

Sign up and start engaging with your Gen Z employees now. It’s free! 


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