Differences between Team Insights and the other “form” tools

Differences between Team Insights and the other “form” tools

Today, taking care of employees is as important as taking care of customers. Knowing how workers are and the status of an organization is essential in good management and in developing action plans that boost productivity and contribute to the success of the business. 

In this sense, survey forms are one of the best resources that exist in HR to collect data in a quick and simple way. With surveys, we can ask about the working environment, welfare, motivation, or commitment of the employee. 

Years ago, these types of surveys were done by hand, on paper, and could be a tedious task for both employees and employers. 

Fortunately, things have changed, and we now have numerous digital “form” tools on the market that allow us to send online surveys to workers quickly and easily: Google FormsTypeformSurveymonkey or Formsite are just a few examples. 

With digital surveys we can know the opinion of our employees immediately. 

And although all these options are valid and acceptable for any company, it is also important to point out the advantages of Team Insights on the other. 

Team Insights vs Tool “Forms”

With Team Insights, you have everything in one place

Certainly, with the “form” tools you can create almost any type of survey that can be used to measure and evaluate all the areas that HR is working on. 

This means that you should have the surveys separately, send them separately, and study the data separately, without the existence of any specific place that collects all the information together. 

With Team Insights, you have everything you need in the same spacein what is popularly known as a dashboardwhich is easy to use, comfortable and intuitive. The dashboard shows the results of the main metrics of active surveys. 

Participation control

While most apps only allow you to count the number of completed surveys, Team Insights provides a summary of all the stages the process is in. 

At all times, you can know how many surveys have been sent, how many have been opened, how many have been completed and how many have provided feedback. 

Besides that, you can also get information about the participation rate and its evolution. 

All the power of Big Data and People Analytics

Team Insights collects large amounts of information in real time and uses a new and powerful own system, the T- Engine™, whose algorithm allows you to ask the right questions at the chosen moment. 

And the best thing is that no previous specific studies or training is needed: it is easy to use for anyone. 

Team Insights, science-based and customizable

Team Insights offers you model dimensions and questions which have been formulated after a profound analysis of major market studiesaiming to respond to eight key dimensions. These are helpful and effective to assess motivation and employee satisfaction. 

It is also important to point out that, apart from the template questionsall surveys are customizable to adapt to the reality of each organization. 

Information in detail

Team Insights not only allows you to analyze key dimensions but as well allows you to find out which parts of those dimensions are working adequately, and which ones need further improvement. This will help you can make concrete strategic decisions focused on the relevant needs. 

Automatic process

Unlike other tools, with Team Insights you don’t have to be worrying about when to launch surveys or send them manually. You can schedule when and how to send in a fully automatic process, so you can focus on other important aspects. 

Anonymous feedback channel

Team Insights isn’t just a survey tool. It also has an employee portal where collaborators can generate anonymous conversations (or provide open comments, at the employee’s choice) on any topic that concerns, interests or is relevant to them. 

In this way, it is possible to discover areas for improvement that otherwise would not be possible: the more we know about what is happening in the organization, the better. 

Guaranteed anonymity

With Team Insightsanonymity is 100% assured. There is no way to track the data (neither by IP, nor by e-mail) so users can answer questions honestly with total confidence that their responses are anonymous.  

This practice allows you to obtain reliable data, which makes it possible to make correct decisions with real information. 

Full integration

One of the great advantages of our software is that you can have it fully customizedand integrated with other toolsuch as SAP, Meta4, Workdayetc. 

When conducting employee surveys, all options of forms are valid. But remember that Team Insights is more than a survey tool, it is a powerful system specially designed to help you meet your employees, improve employee satisfaction, enhance performance, achieve objectives and retain talent. 

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