Advantages of digital work climate surveys

Digitalizar encuestas para empleados

Surveys are one of the most useful tools that organizations have to listen employees’ voices. With them, the opinions of the workforce can be collected and transformed into key information that serves to create a workspace capable of driving team’s motivation, satisfaction, and commitment. 

Nowdays, digital transformation has allowed companies to use simple and inexpensive resources to automate this process, streamlining decision-making and improving the efficiency of managers an HR professionals work. 

Why digitalize work climate surveys? 

With the traditional survey model, companies assess the climate of their offices annually, or quarterly at best. The sending has to be one by one to the entire staff, and the surveys tend to have more than 60 questions. This methodology is very ineffective because the surveys are perceived by employees as long and tedious, reducing participation and seriously undermining the intention to improve. Furthermore, the subsequent analysis is also complicated and time-consuming. 

Solution: bet on the digitalization of the employee satisfaction and climate surveys.

In this way, the surveys are sent automatically to the emails of the entire staff in the period of time that you want (weekly, biweekly, monthly,…), in a short, comfortable and easy to answer format. In addition, these types of tools also perform an intelligent analysis of the results to return the data in actionable information so that you only have to do one thing: make the decisions that best suit your organization.  

How to do a digital survey?

With Team Insightsis very simple, you only need 5 steps: 

  1. Choose the metric you want to assess. 
  2. Set the sending frequency. 
  3. Define the day and time when the surveys will be sent. 
  4. Your collaborators will receive an email with a link to the survey in their inbox.
  5. You will be able to access the data in real time and monitor the evolution of the answers.

Do you want to check its effectiveness? You can request a demo now

Metrics of a good work climate survey 

The Team Insights work climate measurement model includes 8 key dimensions. These have been created including three types of elements: hygienic elements, motivational elements and 3.0 motivational elements that, together, assure you a 360º measurement of employee satisfaction, making the data provided optimal and efficient. 

These dimensions are: 

  • Learning and Developement. Provides information about the teams’ professional growth.
  • Rewards and Recognition. Find out if your collaborators feel valued.
  • Resources. Identify if the space and work tools are adequate.
  • Culture and Values.  Find out if your team is integrated and aligned with the corporate culture.
  • Internal Communication. Does your organization provide actual feedback?
  • Mission and Vision. Find out if your team knows the “why” behind their role.
  • Work environment and Motivation. Get a clear view on the work environment and peer relationships.
  • Leadership. Assess the role managers play in their interaction with teams. 

How often do you need to apply a work environment survey?

Our recommendation is to send them frequently and always in the same time interval, considering that the more quantity, the fewer questions there will be in the surveys and, therefore, the greater the probability of participation. 

Team Insights  gives you the possibility to select 5 different sending frequencies: 

  • Every week: maximum 4 questions per survey. 
  • Every 2 weeks: maximum 8 questions per survey. 
  • Every month: maximum 17 questions per survey. 
  • Every 2 months: maximum 34 questions per survey. 
  • Every 3 months: maximum 50 questions per survey. 

What are the advantages of using Team Insights?

Asking your collaborators for their opinion on relevant issues that affect the organization has many advantages. 

With Team Insights  you can: 

  • Anticipate needs and take strategic measures proactively. 
  • Find out the degree of acceptance of the decisions you make in real time. 
  • Obtain a large amount of data and analyze it in a very short time thanks to Big Data and People Analytics. 
  • Monitor the data and do a follow-up to see the evolution of the workforce. 
  • Get honest and open opinions. 
  • Maximize the participation of your team. 

Also: Dashboard for administrators and employees, participation indicators, reports and comparisons, key metrics, anonymous feedback channel, custom integrations in SAP, Meta4, Workday, Denario, etc,… 

And everything is customizable. From metrics to questions, so you can conduct surveys that suit the cultural-fit of your organization. 

Get a demo of the product and discover the full potential of Team Insights. 

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