How Team Insights complements the Great Place to Work badge.

How Team Insights complements Great Place to Work

Currently there are so many companies in the market that it is sometimes difficult to stand out and be among the best.

Becoming a certified and recognized company is an excellent way to begin and the Great Place to Work badge is considered one of the most valued certifications in the market, both by employees and companies.

The Great Place to Work is a recognition received by those companies and organizations that, under the assessment of their employees and cultural practices, are considered excellent workplaces.

The methodology they use is similar to that used by Team Insights. Great Place to Work conducts anonymous surveys and assesses the responses using a model called the “High Trust – High Performance® Analytical Model” which analyzes trust within a company using two main indicators:

Trust Index

This indicator allows organizations to understand the status of their teams in terms of their performance, solely based on the perception they have about the following five dimensions:

  • Credibility: integrity and consistency in compliance with the company’s values; open and flexible communication.
  • Impartiality: all employees are treated equally, without favoritism or discrimination.
  • Respect: support in the professional development; collaboration between employees; respect for privacy.
  • Pride: in what they do and working with others, of the company and of what it offers to society.
  • Camaraderie: pleasant work environment; possibility of being oneself; be part of a “family”.

This indicator takes in consideration the employee evaluations and under its scope, the most important thing to consider a Great Place To Work site is:

  • The trust placed in the company and the leadership team.
  •  The working environment.
  • The inclusion and feeling of being part of the organization.

Culture Audit

This indicator is directly related to Management and the HR Department and it not only analyzes the policies and practices of the company, but as well as the decision-making which are carried out based on the following skills:

  • Inspiration: how leaders guide and inspire their teams.
  • Communication: how they communicate with other employees.
  • Listen: how they actively attend to the needs, requirements and ideas of their collaborators.
  • Appreciation: how they recognize a job well done and the improvement proposals.
  • Development: how they support and encourage the professional development of their teams.
  • Care: decisions are made taking into consideration the well-being of people.
  • Hiring: the hiring methodologies are inclusive.
  • Celebration: the achievements and accomplishments of others are valued and recognized.
  • Sharing: work as a team, sharing information.

Every practice included in each of the nine areas is also assessed under the VOAHI criteria, which measure standards according to its Variety, Originality, Inclusiveness, Human Touch and Integrity.

The Culture Audit assesses the perception of the company itself and its leaders, who consider the most important aspects in a GPTW:

  • Optimization of employees and their full performance.
  • Team work.
  • The accomplishment of the established objectives.

Being part of an organization with the Great Place to Work badge implies:

  • A high level of trust with the job, colleagues and leaders, who will be more willing to collaborate with each other.
  • Increased productivity of employees.
  • Higher rates of recruitment and retention of talent.
  • Success in business plans.

Passing the GPTW exam and obtaining this certification and all the benefits that it implies is possible only if an organization focuses in the well-being of its employees. It is important that the company make decisions taking into account the current state of their work teams, which is precisely the main goal of Team Insights.

Using Team Insights represents a step forward in achieving such a desired badge as it guides you on the path to the final GPTW exam by assessing employee satisfaction and commitment in real time.

Using T-Engine™ technology, Team Insights is able to send recurring surveys, with personalized number of questions, allowing companies to have the pulse of the teams constantly.

This also helps companies understand in which aspects they are making the right decisions and in which areas they need to improve, ultimately achieving a company culture that values its teams and integrates them as part of a whole.

Communication between leaders and employees without the fear of being judged or penalized is essential for all this to occur and Team Insights plays a key role in achieving it. It is a useful tool which encourages communication to be fluid, real and honest, providing employees with what is known as Psychological Safety.

According to a Google study called “Aristotle Project“, psychological security is essential for a person to develop their full potential.

If a person is comfortable in their position, they have the confidence in what they do, in their teams and in their leaders, they feel appreciated and have a sense of belonging, they will be more committed to the company and be more willing to innovate. It will encourage them to work harder, push themselves and make decisions that benefit both them and the company.

Team Insights and Great Place to Work advocate for the relationship between employee engagement and the success of an organization. Taking care of the well-being of the people who are part of an organization is essential and Team Insights is the perfect tool to achieve this.

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