Comunicación Interna
Internal Communication is a strategy to establish trust bonds with employees and integrate them into the corporate culture.
Clima Laboral Agradable
Work Environment is defined as the environment, social characteristics and physical conditions in which people carry out their work, influencing their well-being, motivation and satisfaction.
Qué es un SaaS Software como Servicio
Software as a Service (SaaS) is a type of solution that offers users the possibility of using cloud-based applications. Here we present you the best 5 softwares for HRM.
Employer Branding Instagram Frame
Employer Branding allows you to comunicate an attractive brand image that stands out among the best qualified candidates to convince them that your company is the best fit for their professional developing.
Team Insights feedback email
Now in Team Insights you can choose if you want to read employees' feedback right away by receiving an email in the moment a person from your team leaves a comment.