What is SaaS? - Software as a Service for HRM

Qué es un SaaS Software como Servicio

In the middle of the technological era, where Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Cloud Services are so normal, SaaS have been established as a solution to meet the needs of many companies, regardless of their size and sector. Thanks to all the advantages that this type of services offers, organizations only have to worry about managing their main functions, because the development and maintenance of this tools are in charge of the SaaS providers. 

What is SaaS? 

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a type of solution that brings users the possibility of using applications cloud based, that is, through the Internet with a paid subscription that can be monthly, quarterly, annually, etc. 

When you contract a SaaS, what you do is acquire a user license for your company and your collaborators that will last as long as you are subscribed. To access the services, all you need is a computer or a mobile device with Internet access. 

All the underlying infrastructure, servers, maintenance, software development and storage and protection of the application data is the responsibility of the provider, which means that the organization only has to worry about using it and being productive. 

There are many types of SaaS: from email services such as Gmail or Outlook; office suites such as Microsoft Office 365; entertainment services like Netflix or HBO; or people management tools like Team Insights. 

In all cases, users access these platforms through a web browser and by an email and a password associated with the subscription plan, which in some cases may be free (like our Free Plan ?).

Advantages of using Software as a Service 

SaaS allows organizations to start their functions and execute their services with a minimal initial investment, being an ideal option for startups and freelancers. But large companies can also see their performance and profitability enhanced. 

These are the main advantages of hiring SaaS: 

  • They don’t require maintenance. It is the providers who are in charge of periodically updating the applications with new useful functionalities for the user, as well as solving incidents. 
  • You pay for what you use. The costs are variable depending on the type of subscription, which allows you to pay only for what you need. 
  • They do not need prior installation. The vast majority of SaaS can be run through web browsers without the need to download and install any extra software. 
  • Easily accessible. SaaS store data in the cloud, so users can access applications from any computer or mobile device connected to the Internet, either from the office or from home. 
  • Data is not lost. The data located in Cloud Computing resources remains intact even when computers have unexpected failures. 
  • Protection. The providers make sure they have cybersecurity tools that protect data from computer attacks, guaranteeing the security of the information. 
  • Wide range of options. There are SaaS to cover every need. From simple applications to sophisticated solutions such as ERP and CRMs. Thanks to these types of services, organizations can count on a large amount of computing resources without having to buy, implement and manage any software or hardware. 

However, being tools that are hosted in the cloud, the quality of the connection is very important. In this sense, companies are recommended to invest in quality network hardware systems, which offer enough speed for the SaaS to operate at full capacity. 

What features does a good SaaS need? 

There are a large amount of Software as a Service on the market aimed at satisfying the needs of professionals. 

Each of these products will have its own functions and characteristics that make it useful and special. However, in general there are a series of properties that you should consider when selecting a SaaS for your company, that make the difference between a good SaaS and a bad one.

  • Easy access through any device. 
  • Centralized cloud architecture that keeps data in sync for all devices and users. 
  • Intuitive and familiar design, with an easy-to-understand interface. 
  • That allows teamwork and collaboration. 

5 essential SaaS for effective talent management 

Here is a list of the best SaaS that talent management professionals should consider include in their daily routines:

1. Meta4 

Meta4 is a Human Resources SaaS that offers integral solutions for personnel management. 

This software can streamline the selection of personnel, implement periodic evaluations and contributes to professional training through specific activities. In addition, it allows you to keep track of attendance, set the time for each process and provide a virtual space for employee interaction. 

2. Team Insights 

Team Insights is an employee engagement management application. Through automated pulse surveys, People Analytics and Big Data, team leaders can know the status of their employees and boost their motivation and satisfaction. 

With this tool you will be able to obtain accurate information through reliable metrics and observe in real time the impact of your strategic decisions. In addition to having their own commitment measurement model, users can create their own surveys through a built-in designer. 

The program also has an eNPS meter, with which you can find out how many promoters, detractor and neutral employees have your organization. Additionally, Team Insights incorporates an anonymous feedback space where team members can leave their opinions, doubts, and queries about any aspect of the organization that they deem appropriate. 

3. Workday 

This SaaS automates the usual functions of a Human Resources department. It is capable of generating job offers according to the profiles to be covered in the company, simplifying payment transactions, monitoring absenteeism or preparing employee reports. 

Workday can be managed from any device, allowing to run all the processes of an HR department anywhere. 

4. TramitApp 

TramitAppreduces the time and expense of administrative management, increasing employee efficiency. It is a simple and easy to use application. 

Through this SaaS, employees can report absences, sick leave, expense notes, overtime, and vacation requests from anywhere, without having to go to the HR office. After notifications are made, talent managers will monitor the reports and approve, deny, or suggest changes. 

Finally, the software offers accessible and updated information on the status of sick leave and contract expiration dates, ensuring total data protection. 

5. Monday 

Monday is a fully customizable web and mobile work management platform. It is designed to help organizations improve their efficiency and teamwork through project and workflow tracking, data visualization, and team collaboration. 

Thanks to this SaaS, it is possible to monitor the recruitment process, foster relationships with potential new employees and interact with the current ones, knowing at all times who is at each stage. 

One of its main attractions is that it is open source, so this tool can be integrated into almost any application. In addition, software developers can modify the program, adjusting it 100% to their needs.


If you want to know what SaaS is like and discover all that these kind of services are capable of offer to you, you can try  Team Insights  for free. Ask for a DEMO right now! 

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